Our Story

As the Spirit led and the pastor preached on what would become a lengthy sermon series focusing on Luke 4:18-19, God began to stir the hearts of His people at Henderson Hills Baptist Church.  The question in response was, "If Jesus ministered to spirit, soul and body, what is He calling us to do?"

A team of church members began seeking, praying and planning.  After 10 months, it was time for ministry to begin and the Ministries of Jesus medical clinic opened in 2001.  In 2005, the counseling component was added, providing services for a need much greater than anticipated.  Although these ministries were bearing fruit, it seemed something was missing.  At an evening service a young man wandered in off the street looking for a place of comfort and stumbled in to a testimony night about addiction.  Afterward, the man handed a pastor his needle and shared about his addiction and need for help.  With that, God made it clear this was the missing piece at MOJ and in 2009, the recovery ministry began.  

Thousands of lives are impacted each year at Ministries of Jesus, all by God's leading and provision.  Prayer abounds here and sharing Jesus is our passion. MOJ, along with a partner ministry in south Oklahoma City and a sister clinic in Somotillo, Nicaragua, are impacting lives in desperate need of healing only Jesus can provide in spirit, soul and body.