Divorce Care

Divorce Care

If you’re struggling to deal with the pain of divorce and seeking direction for rebuilding your life, let Divorce Care help you. Divorce Care is a support group designed to assist people as they move through the painful experience of divorce.

Divorce Care will help you: 
  • identify the many losses as a result of your divorce and give you strategies for coping
  • learn constructive ways for dealing with your anger
  • turn depression into a “healing emotion”
  • explore healthy ways to overcome loneliness
  • discover real-world answers from the Bible on issues related to separation, divorce and remarriage
  • determine whether you are ready for a new relationship
  • learn financial survival tips
  • understand the effects of divorce on your children
  • understand sexuality from God’s perspective and see that it is possible to be single again and satisfied
  • learn why forgiveness is important and how you can begin the process of forgiving
  • discover that reconciliation can happen even if your marriage is not restored and why it’s important to pursue reconciliation
  • grow closer to God as you go through your divorce experience
Each session covers a relevant topic and consists of video and discussion time.


DivorceCare is not currently meeting.  If you are going through a divorce and need assistance, please attend Celebrate Recovery on Monday nights at 6:30pm in the Middle School Room at HHBC, as there are many going through divorce that participate in small groups. 

For more information or to sign up:

SupportGroups@moj.com     |     405.513.7449