Our Team

Our Team

Though MOJ is mostly dependent on volunteers, we have also been blessed with the following staff!

  • Kim Swyden
    Kim Swyden
    Executive Director
  • Jennifer Hill
    Jennifer Hill
    Executive Assistant
  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson
    Recovery & Counseling Director

  • Haley Hutchinson
    Recovery & Counseling Assistant
  • Julane Swyden
    Julane Swyden
    Clinical Counseling Director
  • Kent Shirley
    Kent Shirley
    Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Coming Soon
    Christa Malcolm
    Licensed Professional Counsel

  • Rita Hernandez
    Social Services Director
  • Nancy Childs
    Nancy Childs
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Syretha Lair
    Adanely Rubio
    Bilingual Receptionist

  • Kathy Cullen
    Financial Administrator
  • Sherri Tucker
    Dr. Sherri Tucker
    Medical Director
  • Theresa Nelson

    Medical Administrator
  • Patti Odor
    Patti Odor
    Medical Clinic Manager
  • Sally Miller
    Lisa Hendricks
     Medical Office Manager

  • Brandi Thomason
    Medical Office Scheduler
  • Paige Redwine
    Paige Redwine
    Clinic Nurse
  • Nancy Mansour
    Nancy Mansour
    Clinic Nurse
  • Nancy Mansour
    Wanda Keeling
    Clinic Nurse
  • Jessica Rust
    Jessica Rust
    Dental Coordinator