“In other words, God ordains the end or the results, and He also ordains the means. Prayer is a God ordained means to carrying out His will. Although this humbles us, God ordains the means of our prayers of His people in carrying out of His will. We don’t pray to change His mind; we pray so that we can be used by Him.”

We experience the importance of prayer at MOJ, each and every day. We see God use the prayers of His believers to touch the lives of people from all walks of life who have asked for prayer. And so many people are blessed.

MOJ’s Prayer Team is more than blessed as they see God use them as His instrument to touch the lives for Kingdom work.

When you join MOJ’s Prayer Team, you receive e-Prayer Requests for you to pray through, as the Lord leads you and on your schedule. Your monthly e–Prayer Letter will let you see what is happening at MOJ and how God is answering our prayers. Most importantly you will know you are part of a team where spiritual work is being accomplished by spiritual people, doing spiritual things.

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