Support Groups

Support Groups

Forgiven and Set Free is a support group designed for hurting women struggling with the emotional scars of past abortion experiences  » Learn More

Making Peace with Your Past is a support-group study to help adult children who grew up in dysfunctional families — particularly in homes in which one of the family members had emotional needs so strong that they disrupted the development of healthy relationships  » Learn More

GriefShare is a special support group for people grieving the loss of someone close. This group is facilitated by people who understand what you are experiencing and want to offer you comfort and encouragement during this difficult time. » Learn More

If you’re struggling to deal with the pain of divorce and seeking direction for rebuilding your life, let Divorce Care help you.  Divorce Care is a support group designed to assist people as they move through the painful experience of divorce. » Learn More

In The Wildflowers is a tremendous resource for those who have experienced the pain of childhood sexual abuse. » Learn More

Many people focus so much on being loving and unselfish that they forget their own limits and limitations.  That's why the abiilty to set clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  » Learn More

Step Studies are gender specific, in-depth studies of the Steps fo Recovery.  Uncover the roots of pain, resentment, negaitive behaviors, and reactions while receiving emotional support and life-skill tools to make lasting changes.     » Learn More

The HHBC Military Support Group provides assistance and encouragement to troops and to the family members of those who are depoyed or who have given thier lives in the service of this country.  Learn More